What is laser hair removal and how does it work

Get smooth legs with a Silk n Glide IPL machineAs summer is approaching fast, the trending topic for women is their body hair and their removal hustles. Body hair, although natural that has been associated with poor hygiene.

This time of the year, we all have to decide on how often we would be running to our nearest parlors for waxing, tweezing and threading. From shorts to tank tops and bikinis; to wear them you need to be hair free! Along with being annoying, these hair removal techniques are painful and time consuming too.

Whether you want to get rid of these furry calves on your legs, arms, underarms or body parts, we now have a variety of ways which can be quite quick and effective when it comes to time, energy and pain. You can now choose a technique from creams to sugary treatments to lasers which are much more convenient than traditional shaving and waxing methods (although have a look at some Silk n Glide reviews as these are quite easy home IPL machines to use).

All these methods have their own side effects which can sometimes be terrible in grown tips or little red bumps, totally depending upon your skin type. Therefore, before switching to any hair removal technique, one needs to be clear about their skin type and how would the skin respond to the technique.

The most effective method for long term hair removal is the laser treatment. When this treatment first entered the market, people were hesitant to try it as it sounds risky to have some electronic beast land on your skin but as time passed, the technology grew and now the treatment is very common among women and your savior in summers. Engineers have been trying since years to make this technology accessible and safe and most technical improvements in laser devices have been incremental in terms of improving efficacy and reducing side effects. Some new models combine light- and heat-based methods by using radio-frequency (RF) energy; these are based on the theory that the heated areas can be further heated without causing damage to surrounding skin.

Laser hair removal technique is a long term option which involves destroying the roots with light. A pigment in the hair absorbs the laser light which in turn produces heat. This heat destroys hair and the tissues around it simultaneously hence hair free forever! This might shock you that you won’t get those furry hairs on your body part again but that is the treat laser treatment gives you. If done correctly, this treatment gets you rid of all those hair you always hated so much.

The treatment works best on those with darker hair and lighter skin, though, as the laser detects pigment. White or blonde hair may not be removed as effectively.Laser hair-removal generally takes around 6 to 12 sessions for optimal results. The pain associated is not more than a rubber band snapped against the skin. On average, the treatment is expensive when compared to the other removal techniques as it is a medical procedure but this overshadows the other treatments to be done every month.
And the best news is that you can even get this treat in comfort of your own home now!!

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