Important Considerations When Choosing a Breast Pump

Single electric breast pumpWhile breastfeeding is crucial for newborns, not all moms can actually breastfeed their babies directly due to certain circumstances like the mother has inverted nipples, or need to go back to work. This is where the importance of breast pumps comes in. With the help of a breast pump, babies can benefit from breast milk even when the mother is not around. Now, not all breast pump types and models are the same, and what works for one mother may not work for another. If you are considering to get yourself one then it is worth reading as many electric breast pump reviews as possible. To get you started here are some factors you need to consider to make sure you get the most out of it.

Convenience and Ease of Use

This factor is especially important to take into consideration when you are a working mom or a mom who always travels. Choose a model that’s not only easy to use but one that’s easy to assemble and convenient to carry around. This may apply particularly to a manual pump since they are the ones usually preferred by moms who are always on the go. For added convenience, choose a pump that comes with a case or simply buy a separate one.

Overall Efficiency

The overall efficiency of the type and model you choose will determine how much milk you can pump. Manual breast pumps are good because they are portable and can be used wherever you are and whenever you want to. However, compared to electric breast pumps, they can take a lot of time to use. Electric pumps are obviously a lot efficient and can pump milk twice as fast as manual pumps do. Moreover, consider getting yourself a model with double-pumping capacity. Aside from the fact that it can cut your pumping time in half, it can also boost milk production more efficiently.

Special Features

It’s really ideal to check a model for special features like an adjustable suction control. Some brands do have this feature that allows you to adjust the suction to a level that is more comfortable to you. Again, there is no single brand and model that’s perfect for all mothers. You may have a model that comes with a suction level that’s comfortable to you but is not for another woman.

There is not a single formula to choosing a breast pump. As much as possible, you should go for a brand and a model of breast pump that will perfectly meet your needs and the needs of your baby.

While breast pumps all have a common purpose, they come in different brands and models that can make shopping for one quite confusing. Check the available breast pumps online at comparison shopping sites and find out which particular model will help you meet your breastfeeding requirements the best!

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