How to fix electric shower problems

While a popular choice in many households, an electric shower is not immune to problems. Knowing how to properly deal with these issues is extremely important as mixing water with electricity can get dangerous very quickly. Knowing what could be causing certain problems is a good first step, allowing you to troubleshoot on your own or call for professional help as needed.

Won’t Turn On

Ways to fix an electric showerOne common issue you might see, according to Cool Heating Reviews, is with the start/stop switch. It is usually accompanied by a neon light that will illuminate when turned on. If this light is not illuminating and the shower won’t turn on, the first step is to check if there is electricity flow to the shower in the first place. Check your breaker, your fuses, etc. If that is not the cause, it may be that the front cover was not placed properly, therefore not allowing proper contact between the push-button and the micro-switch on the inside. It could also simply be that the micro-switch is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Hot and Cold 

Another thing you may be dealing with is that the water is fluctuating between both cold and hot temperatures. This is most likely because there is not enough water reaching the shower. The first thing to do is check that the valve that enters your house as well as the valve that lines up with the shower are both fully open. If this is not the cause, then it is likely a problem with the flow valve, which is what allows water to actually flow into the shower, and you will need to replace this.

Water Won’t Flow 

Probably the most common issue with an electric shower is that no water will come out of the shower in the first place, or perhaps it starts and stops on its own. The problem here is with the solenoid valve. That, and the coil part together are the culprit here. When it is working properly, the coil part lifts the plunger that is inside the valve, and allows the water to flow into the shower. If this coil is worn out or broken down, the water will not flow properly, or at all.


Whatever the issue with your electric shower may be, always be sure to cut off the power to your shower before doing any work or trying to figure out any problem. There are sometimes things you can do yourself to fix whatever problem you may be having, but if you have any doubt the best thing to do is call the company you bought it from and have a professional come out and look at it. Certain defects and problems may even be covered under your warranty.

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